TW/CW: Suicidal ideation

The car jerks to a halt. I lurch forward as the cabbie curses dramatically. “Christ, it’s like they want to die sometimes…”

Through the droplet-beaded window, a helmetless hipster awkwardly hauls his bike onto the sidewalk. He waves apologetically, looking at his phone, unphased by the drenched jeans clung to his legs and the cabbie’s glowering eye-daggers.

“Right here is good.”

“Alright, $12.75.”

I fish in my pocket for the single $20 I got from the bank earlier when draining my account. “Keep the change.” …

Oh no, not another article telling me I’m a bad person. There’s enough of those already. Don’t worry, this isn’t a guilt-trip... More of a gentle opening of the curtain, if you dare to look.

Our world is full of paradoxes. Without them, comedians would be short on material. One doesn’t have to think too hard to know that we are far from living in utopia, but there’s one in particular which I believe to be at the root of some of the most systemic failures of modern society and deserves pointing out: We see what we want to see…

Sarah Hatherly

Canadian writer, designer and social entrepreneur fuelled by a passion for humanity and a distaste for the mundane.

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